Celebrating 90 Years of “Doing the Right Thing”

2017 marks Sherritt’s 90th year as a responsible Canadian mining and energy company with a storied history of “doing the right thing”.

We are proud of the long and successful track record of Sherritt and its predecessor companies – from humble beginnings as a small outfit with exploration properties in northern Manitoba 90 years ago to building and operating one of the world’s largest integrated hydrometallurgical nickel/cobalt mining and refining facilities in Madagascar. Throughout our history, we have engaged in socially and environmentally responsible management practices and contributed significantly to sustainable development in all our host countries and communities – often demonstrating global leadership along the way.

See the following snapshots of our history for a brief description of just some of the highlights over the last 90 years.

1927 Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited was formed in 1927, when a prospector named Carl Sherritt teamed up with a venture capitalist named J. P. Gordon to develop mineral claims in Canada.
1941 Significant discovery of nickel at Lynn Lake, nearly 200 km north of Sherritt Gordon’s mine in Sherridon, Manitoba. To support the development of the new mine and community, the company cut a winter road and transported the buildings of Sherridon there by sleigh over seven years.
1948 The company began to fund research that led to the development of the hydrometallurgical process, which has since become a global standard for the refining of nickel, cobalt laterites and other metals.
Who Was Eldon Brown? Brown was the manager of Sherritt Gordon from 1937 to 1945, when he became president and managing director of the company.
90 Years of History
1952 Sherritt Gordon selected Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, as the site for its new nickel and cobalt refinery. The refinery produced ammonium-sulphate fertilizer as a by-product, and became a major fertilizer producer in western Canada. The Fort site also grew into an R&D hub.
1991 Sherritt turned to Cuba for oil exploration opportunities, which represented the foundation of the company’s Cuban energy business.
Did You Know? Multiple generations of families have worked for Sherritt, dating back to the company’s origins.
1994 The company reached an agreement with General Nickel of Cuba to establish the Moa Joint Venture, consisting of a mine and processing facility near the Cuban town of Moa and the refinery in Fort Saskatchewan. Sherritt went on to establish other businesses in Cuba, including the Energas Joint Venture, which produces electricity.
Interview: John Del Piccolo We sat down with John, a 37-year company veteran, to discuss his experiences with the company and what being a Sherritt employee means to him.
2007 Sherritt entered Madagascar when the company acquired Dynatec Corporation and gained a 40% stake in the Ambatovy nickel project. Sherritt and its joint venture partners went on to build a mining, processing and refining operation in-country, creating significant economic benefits for Madagascar.
Sherritt’s History Inspires Careers Tim Dobson, a Senior Vice President at Sherritt, talks about how the company’s history in metallurgy inspired his career.